Monday, August 29, 2011

Manic Monday: The calm after the storm

It's been quite the weekend. Not much was accomplished, other than staring at the swaying trees outside and praying they didn't land on our power lines. Oh, and The Weather Channel. Lots of wasted time spent listening to national and local people explain for the thousandth time that a flash flood means water moves in quickly. I've got a weather report hangover this morning, as I look at everything I didn't do while waiting for the power to go out and our basement to go under water. And none of it happened.

So here's what is going on this week...

Soundtrack: "Hey Jude" and "Sweet Child O'Mine," both of which Noah was playing for us on the piano last night. Nice.

Bookshelf: The Genesee Diary by Henri Nouwen. I haven't started this one yet, but it is ready and waiting for my own weekend retreat at The Abbey of the Genesee. I leave on Friday for three days of silence and prayer. Woo hoo!

I'm also finally finishing up the last few days of the 12-week program known as The Artist's Way. I've found it really helpful, creatively speaking. Morning Pages have become part of my daily routine, which is some sort of evidence of the strength of this book. I have a really hard time starting new morning routines.

I will maintain and then expand on the morning writing/creativity routine by jumping into a book I mentioned in this space weeks ago, The Artist's Rule, which looks at creativity from a monastic perspective. I plan to start that right around the time I head to Genesee, which seems like perfect timing since I'll be hanging out around monks. That's also a 12-week program. I'll let you know how it's working as I get into the heart of it.


This was our view at the start of the week,
sitting on the sands of Long Beach Island, N.J.

By Saturday morning, Our Lady of Guadalupe was stored in the shed, along with all of our other outside chairs and such. She may be the Mother of God, but she's not taking any chances in a hurricane.

We lucked out. No power outage. Just lots of small branches down. Here's the deck the morning after. The tarp? Well, believe it or not, our deck was painted one day before the hurricane and we were attempting to protect it from the very severe drip line that develops due to rain/snow/ice. Two things on our shopping list: a generator and gutters for the top roof line.

Appointment book: This will be a very busy week between work and kid stuff. I've got a bunch of jobs to finish before I head to my retreat and lots of back-to-school shopping that still needs to get done. On top of that, I'm checking day by day to see if I have to report for jury duty. Ugh. So far so good, but it's only Monday. Fingers crossed I don't get called in because that will just throw life into a total turmoil here.

Have a good one. Prayers for those who are suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.

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The Last Leaf Gardener said...

When I read your words, "I 've got a weather report hangover this morning, as I look at everything I didn't do while waiting for the power to go out and our basement to go under water. And none of it happened.",

I thought to myself, wow, maybe Mary should move to a place where these things are likely to occur so she won't feel bad about "wasting time" listening to coverage.

BUT thankfully, I read on to discover your beautiful statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe and your expressing thanks for "lucking out."

I am glad your newly painted deck did not suffer damage. I live in New York City, and, I have outdoor space as you do, which I prepared for Irene's wrath, so I am most grateful that I was unscathed.

If you'd like to read about my "calm after the storm", I welcome your feedback. Here's the link: