Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, baby

Seven years ago today my beautiful and brave Chiara Elizabeth was born. Seven. Where did the time go? Seven years ago at this time I was waiting for my castor oil cocktail to kick in so I could bring on my extremely overdue delivery without being induced via IV. Called my midwife, told her what I did and to expect me later that day. Right around noon labor kicked in, right on schedule. At just about 7:30 p.m, Chiara entered the world, and what joy she has brought to our family ever since.

I've written a lot about the benefits of being an older mom -- I was just about 43 when Chiara was born -- because every day I am the one who continues to learn new lessons from this fearless little being. Just a few weeks ago Chiara's absolute courage at the top of the Shotgun Falls at a Wildwood water park inspired me to go down on the chute next to her. Two days ago she insisted on going off the diving boards at the town pool, something I have yet to do. Although I am often hesitant to let her do things out of my own fear, she will have none of that.

Her enthusiasm and sensitivity, her courage and kindness teach me on a daily basis how to be a better person. Happy birthday, baby. I love you, and I'm so glad I decided to forget my old age and become a mom one more time.

Here's a snapshot view of Chiara's life:


Karen Edmisten said...

What a sweetie! Happy birthday, Chiara!

I was about the same age when my youngest was born, Mary -- being an older mom has some great perks!

Karen said...

What a lucky girl to be born into such a loving family!

UB said...

Your post captures perfectly the Chiara I've been privileged to know these past seven years--beautiful on the outside, beautiful on the inside. Happy Birthday.

Fran said...

Gorgeous Chiara! Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

As I have the rich privilege of knowing you and having met your family, I can say that her smile lights up the room!

Blessings to Chiara and to all of you!