Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Like the Newlywed Game, but Catholic

Last week Dennis and I received an intriguing proposition from Brian Caulfield, editor of Fathers For Good, an initiative for men sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. He invited us to be the "Valentine couple" and offered to feature us on the FFG website, but there was a hitch: We had to answer a series of email questions about our marriage without discussing it beforehand or looking at each other's answers after the fact. Blind trust was required here. We could come off smelling like roses, or we could end up looking very silly. We like a good challenge, so we said yes. I am happy to report that the outcome couldn't have been better. In fact, if I hadn't been there to witness it, I would have thought we cheated, but we did not.

Reading Dennis' answers and realizing how much we are still in sync -- or are even more in sync -- after all these years took me back to our first Valentine's Day, when we bought each other the exact same card. Back then we spent the day at the Cloisters at the northern tip of Manhattan and finished with dinner at Dominic's on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. That may have been a perfect Valentine's date, but the results of our separate interviews is the perfect Valentine's gift any wife could ask for. Click HERE to read our interviews. Talk about synchronicity.

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Dennis said...

I was sick as a dog on that first Valentine's Day with a raging fever. But I toughed it out for love. I remember it well.

Here we are 16 years later. Like I said in the FFG interview, I'm a very lucky man.