Friday, November 2, 2012

Mass like it was in the early Church

Sun room chapel
Last weekend we were lucky enough to have Mass celebrated at our home by Chiara's godfather, who was up for a visit. (He's vicar general of the Metuchen Diocese in N.J.) Olivia, Noah, and Noah's friend were the readers, and Chiara was the altar server.

Footlocker altar
If you ever have the chance to experience Mass in such a way, grab it. The closeness of the altar and the intimacy of the liturgy really make for a powerful experience, just like it must have been for those early Christians who gathered in homes to pray and break bread.

Godchild and Godfather

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Fran said...

I used to have two close friends who were priests and we would have mass at home sometimes. It was so beautiful, wonderful - what a gift!